News factory is an association of creative activity leading correspondents, cameramen, editors, redactors and technology platform, which allows effectively reduce the preparation time of news and automates the manufacturing process.

News begins with the planning and layout. Correspondents select facts and events from the flow of information, develop themes and ideas for future stories. For all this, reporters are given specialized work spaces.


Then the reporter and cameraman go to the place and conduct video.





Then the installation of the plot begins. The workplace of a correspondent is in software Cinegy. This allows him to write the text of the plot, record sound and perform a rough cut of the plot.

After installation, the story comes to desktop of post-installation. Here he superimposes titles and graphic information, inserts special effects and does other video processing operations.

And finally news broadcast from the newsroom (ASB-41). Written liner to the items is placed in the teleprompter. News presenters are ready for broadcast.

Also "factory" works on the creation of special information and analytical releases in English and Chinese.



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