Univer Production” is multifunctional structure of students’ television. The main goal is creating different TV programs and movies, training and cognitive videos.

Also department provides decorating of TV programs including screens making, musical components, infographics and etc.

Univer Production provides video recording and live translations from the different events of the University and student’s life using the mobile studio (which equipped with a camera crane).






For example: The “Satashu” play, The “PolitSkovorodka”, Children’s University, Tatyanas’ Day at KFU, Celebration of KFU Institutes’ and faculties’ holidays, Gala Consert “Colors of the world” at KFU, The “First-year-students’ show”, The “Students’ Spring” republican fest, sport events and etc.




The “Univer Production” provides video recording and live translations from virtual studio АSB-67 (including teleconferences and online votes). For example: Kazan-Toronto teleconference,reception at KFU, students’ talk-shows, conferences, The “Fin&East”, The “Fast Food”, The “Look who’s come”, The “Univer-Cafe”, The “Chetki” shows, historical meetings and many others.

Also department cooperates with students from KFU, Russian universities and all over the world universities under the heading “Let’s Create TV together”. Students can find their own sent TV videos on the “Student’s TV” website.


You can contact us by:

  • Telephone: 233-75-32

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