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Thursday, 02 October 2014 08:53

TV broadcasting

Technology platform based at Cinegy system – Internet broadcasting and automation of production complex solution. 

Cinegy Starter Pack includes such modules as: material capturing, video and sound editing, searching and decompressing, broadcasting providing.

Cinegy Archive (one server) – central server with database and archive’s control software, storage and media management system. It’s the “core” of the TV channel content management system.

File server – storage system for documents and media files which available on the network. 5th or 6th RAID levels support provides speed and reliability of storage. There is no any file copying or replacing during the working within a system. Files are always available for all users and placed at the total disk space.

Cinegy Ingest((one workplace) – work station with the software for video and sound capturing automation. It allows you to capture material from the external lines according to your schedule, per pack time-codes capturing with the video recorder management, P2, XDCAM, IEEE-1394, DVD capturing. Material mounting can be started without waiting for the capture (using Cinegy Media Desktop). HD-SDI, SD-SDI, Component, Composite video, analog and digital (including embed SDI) sound. Material registered in the archive. For unloading the system when viewing material low resolution copies automatically created during the capture.

Cinegy Desktop(5 workplaces) – journalist’s, archivist’s, video editor’s workplace. It allows you to perform archive searching, description and viewing of the material. It has built-in multi-track editing system (video, sound, titers, transitions). Teamwork also supported: changes are immediately visible in the archives and projects for all users. The ready-made project can be sent to a station of the finish editing, exported to a file or inserted into a Cinegy Air broadcasting server playlist without rendering

Cinegy Air(one server) - multiformat broadcasting server. Provides reliable broadcasting in manual (news, talk shows) and automatic modes. Supports all broadcasting codecs and formats in SD, and HD-resolution (depending on the version). Simulcasting to the outputs of the output board, IP, Internet. Integration with Cinegy Type (the air graphic design), Cinegy Archive, Cinegy Desktop and in the formation of the playlist. There is a possibility of constructing a reservation system (optional).

Cinegy Workspace(5 licenses) – client for working with an archive from any place with the internet connection. You can use any popular web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari). Allows you to search, view, to rough cut the material, edit the description (meta-data), export the project (using the installed Cinegy Convert).

ТStudents’ TV television content can be played on android, iphone, ipad, PC, Smart TV.

Also TV uses an additional feature – tramsmition the images from the IP-based cameras located on the campus buildings to the broadcasting server.


главное здание КФУ

Главное здание КФУ

главное здание КФУ сковородка


СК Уникс

СК "Уникс"

Химический институт

Химический институт

Институт экономики и финансов

Институт экономики и финансов

Институт филологии и межкультурной коммуникации

Институт филологии и межкультурной коммуникации


Thursday, 02 October 2014 08:42

Students' editorials

Students’ editorials are the bachelor and master students’ creative teams.

Sunday, 21 September 2014 13:27

TV-Show factory

Univer Production” is multifunctional structure of students’ television. The main goal is creating different TV programs and movies, training and cognitive videos.

Saturday, 20 September 2014 11:35

News factory

News factory is an association of creative activity leading correspondents, cameramen, editors, redactors and technology platform, which allows effectively reduce the preparation time of news and automates the manufacturing process.

News begins with the planning and layout. Correspondents select facts and events from the flow of information, develop themes and ideas for future stories. For all this, reporters are given specialized work spaces.


Then the reporter and cameraman go to the place and conduct video.





Then the installation of the plot begins. The workplace of a correspondent is in software Cinegy. This allows him to write the text of the plot, record sound and perform a rough cut of the plot.

After installation, the story comes to desktop of post-installation. Here he superimposes titles and graphic information, inserts special effects and does other video processing operations.

And finally news broadcast from the newsroom (ASB-41). Written liner to the items is placed in the teleprompter. News presenters are ready for broadcast.

Also "factory" works on the creation of special information and analytical releases in English and Chinese.

Saturday, 20 September 2014 10:02

About channel

Students’ TV is a joint activity of Media Center of KFU, Department of Broadcast and TV production of Institute of Social Philosophy and Mass communication and of educational and practical laboratory UNIVER TV.


Students’ university television consists of:

- providing educational and industrial practice for students;

- production of television programs, covering various aspects of the activities of the university and high school youth;

- placement of creative works of students in the field of television;

- support and implement of creative projects of students;

- record video-lectures and more.

Students’ university TV is equipped with the most modern professional television equipment and is it is the most advanced base for practices of the future journalists of TV in Russia.

This is unique proper base for practice for students of Kazan Federal University, which has no analogues in Russia.

Every day students gain practical experience in creating television programs and broadcast them on student channel without looking up from educational

Educational process of Department of Broadcast and TV production of Institute of Mass Communications and Social Sciences is built in such a way that students learn virtually all television specialty, ranging from entry-level of assistant of operator to level where you understand strategic leadership of TV company.


Experience is very important for young professionals. Our graduates, getting a job, use professional portfolio of their creative work made during 4 years in a bachelor degree or two years of training in the magistracy.

For our future colleagues!
You can be sure that during educational process you will have all necessary knowledge in the field of broadcasting, TV production and visual technologies as qualified specialist.

Students’ university TV consists of television news service - Univer News, creative production team - UniverProduction and training student editions.




News programs broadcast 5 times a week. Students - correspondents write own series plots and direct episodes.




From October 2013 on our channel began to broadcast special news programs in English and Chinese, once every two weeks. These releases are available on the English-language page, and on the page in Chinese of our site.




Information Service «UNIVERNEWS» has its own studio ASB41 to record news presenters into virtual studio with the possibility of combination images from 4 cameras. Virtual component allows to issue a studio in various design solutions that are limited for the most part only by qualification of specialists in computer graphic design and by creativity of television staff. Information Service «UNIVERNEWS» - this is a real news factory, with its conveyor and its production technology.

Production department «UniverProduction» of television carries out industrial and technical support (packing program design, computer graphic design) of the process of preparing a variety of television programs. For example, broadcast and record various public lectures of eminent scientists, politicians and journalists, as well as university-wide and republic-wide events.

Production department «UniverProduction» provide live television in its studio on the internet and in real-time, as events happen.


Offsite live television and shooting are carried out by a group of mobile studio «Univer Production», allowing to bring together the image format FULL HD with 6 cameras. A special 6 meter crane is used in the process of filming for a more colorful design of large-scale events and filming in a mobile studio.




Virtual Studio allows you to collate and process images with 8 cameras in format FULL HD. Virtual component allows to issue a studio in various design solutions that are limited for the most part only by qualification of specialists in computer graphic design and by creativity of TV staff.


Wednesday, 30 July 2014 20:32

Kazan Federal University (vol.8(15)

Watch in the program:

- Where do the best chemists study? Glorious past, dynamic present and promising future of the Butlerov Institute of Chemistry.

- Bright  and colorful kaleidoscope of the university life. The most interesting events of Kazan Federal University.

Rich and glorious history, dynamic present and most inspiring prospects… All this is about Butlerov Institute of Chemistry of Kazan Federal University. Today in our news students, professors and leaders tell about present of their Institute.

Get praise from the head of the republic, get in touch with an island of freedom and become closer to the country of the rising sun. Life boils in Kazan Federal University! See full review of the most important events in our kaleidoscope!

Thursday, 03 July 2014 08:53

Kazan Federal University (vol.7(14)

Watch in the program:

- Ethnographic Museum of Kazan Federal University: Learn, explore, be surprised!

- Property of the whole world. What is the  pride of  Islamists in  Kazan Federal University?

- Innovative explosion. In Kazan Federal University there are  unusual scientific developments

Thursday, 03 July 2014 08:52

Charge for innovation

How to bring innovative ideas to university scientists conveyor? And how to overcome the difficulties encountered on the way? Answers to these questions are best known by the engineers. About  engineering education in Kazan Federal University we'll tell you more.

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