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KFU is a part of global The Cochrane Collaboration. Kazan Federal University is the one an affiliated center of the Nordic Cochrane Center in Tatarstan. Now the scientists of KFU have initiated a huge project just to make sure that the idea and knowledge of Archer Cochrane and director of the Nordic Cochrane center Prof. Peter C. Gøtzsche have been democratized for all Russian people and medical employees. The Prof. of KFU Liliya Ziganshina will talk about new project.

Thursday, 02 April 2015 00:00

Kazan Federal University (vol. 3)

How do Kazan students help to produce advanced defense equipment for Russia, why will students of Kazan Federal University lead the student column at a demonstration in honor of the 70th anniversary of the victory and a new method of assessing water quality. Watch main science news of student life at Kazan University in this release.

For the first, we will talk about how do students of Kazan University help the development of the Russian defense technology. One of the most secret factories opened its secrets. For the first time the development of defense equipment were presented to press. These are radar systems "Lever" and "Mercury". All of these technologies are used in air force, infantry and marine. Secrets of the Russian Defense were studied by our film crew.

Students-ecologists can boast development that can be applied across Russia. They offer a new method for assessing water quality. Its significant advantage is speed.  Kazan researchers are able to conclude whether there is water pollution in 15 minutes. Before such conclusion could be done in two days. Scientists say they are ready to compete, due to the speed of analysis. Why is time so important environmentalists told us.

Instituteof Physical Educationstarted preparing for a demonstration in honor of Victory Day. They began to sew uniforms for students and teach them marching step. This year marks the 70th anniversary of celebration. Students of Kazan Federal University will march the first of all universities. What do they have to learn in two months our crew knows.

Thursday, 19 March 2015 00:00

Kazan Federal University - 210

In 2014 Kazan Federal University celebrated its 210th anniversary.

Thursday, 19 March 2015 00:00

Kazan Federal University

Kazan Federal University is one of the leading research and educational institutions in Russia that celebrated its 210 anniversary in 2015. Our campuses are located in Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny and Yelabuga. Kazan is located in the centre of European part of Russia and one of the most innovative regions – Republic Tatarstan.

Kazan Federal University has traditionally strong expertise in such of science as chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, information technology, linguistics and Oriental studies.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015 00:00

Kazan Federal University (vol. 2)

Watch in the program:

- Joining to the tradition, study of culture and development of creative abilities - all this is English Festival!

- Medicine at the intersection of sciences: an era of new discoveries in Kazan Federal University.

What is post genom? Origami of DNA - Myth or Reality?

What is «Smart City Kazan» or tatar technical "boom"? Why are science and education always held in high esteem? How is it possible to celebrate cheerfully the anniversary, if you are slightly over 200 years old? All of this will be discussed in our information review.

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