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How do Kazan students help to produce advanced defense equipment for Russia, why will students of Kazan Federal University lead the student column at a demonstration in honor of the 70th anniversary of the victory and a new method of assessing water quality. Watch main science news of student life at Kazan University in this release.

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Kazan Federal University (vol. 2) Kazan Federal University (vol. 2)

Watch in the program:

- Joining to the tradition, study of culture and development of creative abilities - all this is English Festival!

- Medicine at the intersection of sciences: an era of new discoveries in Kazan Federal University.

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Kazan Federal University Kazan Federal University

Today in the program:

- Development prospects of pharmacological direction. Center of the Cochrane Collaboration in the KFU.

- Speak Russian. Immersion into language environment.

- International meetings. Mutual interest in resolving issues.

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Kazan Federal University (vol 1(16) Kazan Federal University (vol 1(16)

Watch in the program:

- The path to the TOP 100 passes through the space. Unique space experiment "Space midge" is implemented at the Kazan Federal University

- Cooperation is strong. A new stage of development of relations between the University and one of the largest research institutes of Japan RIKEN

- Fun, cheerful and friendly. Turbulent flow in student life!

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Kazan Federal University (vol.8(15) Kazan Federal University (vol.8(15)

Watch in the program:

- Where do the best chemists study? Glorious past, dynamic present and promising future of the Butlerov Institute of Chemistry.

- Bright  and colorful kaleidoscope of the university life. The most interesting events of Kazan Federal University.

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Kazan Federal University (vol.7(14) Kazan Federal University (vol.7(14)

Watch in the program:

- Ethnographic Museum of Kazan Federal University: Learn, explore, be surprised!

- Property of the whole world. What is the  pride of  Islamists in  Kazan Federal University?

- Innovative explosion. In Kazan Federal University there are  unusual scientific developments

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Kazan Federal University (vol.6(13) Kazan Federal University  (vol.6(13)

Watch in this program:

- Ahead of its time. How is Kazan Federal University going to succeed?

-Victory Day and not only it.  Life of the university.

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Kazan Federal University. (vol5(12) Kazan Federal University. (vol5(12)

Watch inthe program:
- QuietHarborof “the ships of thoughts”. Tour to the Department of manuscripts and rare books of Kazan Federal University.
- The elusive quantum. KazanFederal University’s scientists shared their achievements towards the creation of a supercomputer.
- Oh great and mighty! Why do students from all over the world come to study Russian in Kazan?

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Kazan Federal University 24.03.14 (vol.4(11) Kazan Federal University 24.03.14 (vol.4(11)

Watchin the program:

- Tatar for all. The "AHA ТЕЛЕ" project is developing

- House of treasures. Tour of the Geology Museum of KFU

- Two century long history. What is the Institute of Physics famous for?

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Kazan Federal University 10.03.14 (VOL.3(10) Kazan Federal University 10.03.14 (VOL.3(10)

Today in our program:

- Together to the heights of the world! Cooperation of Kazan Federal University with Samsung is gaining results

- A small university. How pupils are prepared to an adult life in Kazan Federal University?

- Studies of high resolution. Scientists of  Kazan Federal University master microscopes of future.

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