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Univer news indroduce you  new ideas, everyday life and grandiose investigations of Kazan federal university. We are cooperated with the  professors,  employees,  graduates of one of the oldest universities of Russia. We are  investigated   together the limits of our knowledge and   we change our ideas about life and work!

It will be another joint laboratory In Kazan Federal University. Participants are KFU and the Japan Institute of RIKEN. Dr. Yoshihide Hayashizaki rated the site of the second Republican Clinical Hospital. It is planned a laboratory, where scientists from Japan and Kazan will be able to use the equipment of medical institution. Our crew inspected the offices of the hospital together with scientists.

Students of the school of information technology and information systems are ready to provide uninterrupted power supply for modern data centers. Moreover, they offer a solution to rescue people in emergency situations. Scientists of IT-directions talked about their new developments. Some of them, such as kinetic energy storage device is even reminds the films of science fiction. How "IT specialists" from Kazan Federal University can surprise us will know from next story.

At the Institute of Psychology and Education know for sure how to work with young children. Here created the lekoteka with a set of various educational toys. Students learn how to apply them in practice. But, in addition, in the lekoteka they have classes with kids. Here are working not only with healthy children, but also with those who have health problems. Why the lekoteka in Kazan Federal University can be considered as special found our crew.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015 00:00

All rise for the Court!


Everything is as usual in the courtroom: judges, plaintiffs, defendants and state authorities. A regular hearing is held. It is hard to distinguish the Moot Court competition held within the Summer School on Human Rights from the real judicial trial. 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015 00:00

Isolated heart


Now scientists of Kazan Federal University can easily say how any medicine will influence on the heart. All conclusions are made on the device "Isolated heart." KFU is the second university in Russia, where they work with this equipment. The experiment is conducted on small hearts of mice and rats. Scientists of Kazan Federal are ready to make interesting conclusions.

In 2001 Research and Educational Centre of Pharmacy was established in Kazan Federal University. Currently pilot plant manufacturing facility is being launched.

KFU is a part of global The Cochrane Collaboration. Kazan Federal University is the one an affiliated center of the Nordic Cochrane Center in Tatarstan. Now the scientists of KFU have initiated a huge project just to make sure that the idea and knowledge of Archer Cochrane and director of the Nordic Cochrane center Prof. Peter C. Gøtzsche have been democratized for all Russian people and medical employees. The Prof. of KFU Liliya Ziganshina will talk about new project.

Thursday, 02 April 2015 00:00

Kazan Federal University (vol. 3)


How do Kazan students help to produce advanced defense equipment for Russia, why will students of Kazan Federal University lead the student column at a demonstration in honor of the 70th anniversary of the victory and a new method of assessing water quality. Watch main science news of student life at Kazan University in this release.

For the first, we will talk about how do students of Kazan University help the development of the Russian defense technology. One of the most secret factories opened its secrets. For the first time the development of defense equipment were presented to press. These are radar systems "Lever" and "Mercury". All of these technologies are used in air force, infantry and marine. Secrets of the Russian Defense were studied by our film crew.

Students-ecologists can boast development that can be applied across Russia. They offer a new method for assessing water quality. Its significant advantage is speed.  Kazan researchers are able to conclude whether there is water pollution in 15 minutes. Before such conclusion could be done in two days. Scientists say they are ready to compete, due to the speed of analysis. Why is time so important environmentalists told us.

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