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Univer news indroduce you  new ideas, everyday life and grandiose investigations of Kazan federal university. We are cooperated with the  professors,  employees,  graduates of one of the oldest universities of Russia. We are  investigated   together the limits of our knowledge and   we change our ideas about life and work!

Friday, 17 October 2014 00:00

Kazan Federal University (vol 1(16)


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- The path to the TOP 100 passes through the space. Unique space experiment "Space midge" is implemented at the Kazan Federal University

- Cooperation is strong. A new stage of development of relations between the University and one of the largest research institutes of Japan RIKEN

- Fun, cheerful and friendly. Turbulent flow in student life!

The school year has begun, and Kazan Federal University has a lot of plans and events ahead. Perhaps the most important event is the anniversary of the university.  KFU is one of the oldest universities in Russia and in 2014 celebrates the 210th anniversary of its foundation. However, the university is not only proud of its significant past but also looks to the future with confidence. In 2013, in the fierce competition Kazan Federal University won the right to participate in the program of improving the competitiveness of universities of the world's leading research and education centers. The goal of this program is to increase the rating of Russian universities and output them to the top positions. The results of such fruitful work are visible. This year, KFU raised to 50th positions in the rankings QS, and is now part of the group "551 - 600" international ranking. No doubt orientation of the University for a Research Trend, including joint projects with world leaders in this field, influenced on these achievements. Perhaps the cooperation with RIKEN Institute of Japan is a case in point.

Friday, 17 October 2014 10:41

Through the thorns into space


What is the main indicator of the competitiveness of world universities? It is the combination of scientific research and high-level education. No doubt Kazan Federal University holds world-class research projects. And now we are going to talk about one of them - a global research project that develops in the KFU, with the support of Japanese scientists and Roscosmos.

The first month of the new school year is full of events for students. A year of study, lectures and seminars are ahead. But student life is not only scientific work, it's also creativity! First-year students were able to taste students’ life on bright event – sport flash-mob with a celebratory concert.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014 20:32

Kazan Federal University (vol.8(15)


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- Where do the best chemists study? Glorious past, dynamic present and promising future of the Butlerov Institute of Chemistry.

- Bright  and colorful kaleidoscope of the university life. The most interesting events of Kazan Federal University.

Rich and glorious history, dynamic present and most inspiring prospects… All this is about Butlerov Institute of Chemistry of Kazan Federal University. Today in our news students, professors and leaders tell about present of their Institute.

Get praise from the head of the republic, get in touch with an island of freedom and become closer to the country of the rising sun. Life boils in Kazan Federal University! See full review of the most important events in our kaleidoscope!

Thursday, 03 July 2014 08:53

Kazan Federal University (vol.7(14)


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- Ethnographic Museum of Kazan Federal University: Learn, explore, be surprised!

- Property of the whole world. What is the  pride of  Islamists in  Kazan Federal University?

- Innovative explosion. In Kazan Federal University there are  unusual scientific developments

Thursday, 03 July 2014 08:52

Charge for innovation


How to bring innovative ideas to university scientists conveyor? And how to overcome the difficulties encountered on the way? Answers to these questions are best known by the engineers. About  engineering education in Kazan Federal University we'll tell you more.

Familiarity with the history and culture of not only own people, but also the art and culture of other people expands worldview and  inspires respect for the life and work of ancestors, respect for the culture and history of other people of the world. Where else but in the ethnographic museum you can feel the culture of other nations and see unique exhibits?

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