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Univer news indroduce you  new ideas, everyday life and grandiose investigations of Kazan federal university. We are cooperated with the  professors,  employees,  graduates of one of the oldest universities of Russia. We are  investigated   together the limits of our knowledge and   we change our ideas about life and work!

Kazan astronomical school is not only Kazan Federal University’s pride, but of the whole Russia.For more than a century history, Kazan astronomers inscribed themselves in the history more than once. How did it begin and what are the interests of modern astronomers? Our excursion to Kazan Federal University’s Astronomical observatory named after Engelhardt is about it.

Today you can see in our news: 

- On the way to the top of the world rankings. In Kazan Federal University discussed the plans until 2020.

- Our pride! Past, present and future Kazan astronomical school.

Monday, 30 September 2013 22:52

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